The Good Finance credit card franchise offers a great diversity of these credit instruments. In this article you will know the types and benefits offered by Good Finance credit cards in Colombia .

Good Finance credit card


Good Finance is one of the most notorious credit card franchises or brands in the world. Its users exceed 330 million people and it is accepted in more than 30 million stores in 150 countries.

It maintains a close alliance with Western Union, a company dedicated to retail payment and shipping operations. Therefore, Good Finance credit cards are preferred by those who use Western Union services.

In Colombia, most banks offer their customers credit cards from the accredited Good Finance brand.

Types of Good Finance credit cards in Colombia


Good Finance offers different types of credit cards, each suitable for a particular segment of the population. They range from the one designed for the common user, to the one designed for those who have great fortunes. In Colombia, users can have four types of Good Finance. These are:

Standard Good Finance

It is one of the credit cards that has the largest number of cardholders worldwide. It is designed for the user who starts using these credit instruments. It offers benefits and services that help make purchases more rational and safe.

Good Finance Gold


This credit card created to simplify and facilitate the different purchase processes of the daily routine. Designed for personal and family enjoyment, it offers a credit amount greater than the previous one.

Platinum Good Finance

The Good Finance Platinum card is a Premium card, designed for the high purchasing power segment. It combines worldwide acceptance with great benefits, which makes it ideal for international travelers.

Good Finance Black

It is the most prestigious Good Finance credit card in Colombia, and therefore, the one that offers the greatest benefits. It is a personalized credit card and offers a personal assistant available 24 hours a day.

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