This house in Coorg salutes both local folklore and design

“It’s important, especially in places like Coorg, where they’ve been very successful in honoring their past,” says Kapoor. “Anything you add is going to be part of the woven narrative of the place, whether it’s a motif, a lintel or a curbstone. “

While the interior design was carefully planned in collaboration with the client, the design of the house – in terms of furnishings and artwork – was done by the client herself, which according to Kapoor , is the best way for a house to develop. “It’s much better to bring families in and personalize the space,” she says. “They don’t consume the space, they inhabit it, so they co-create it.”

The ground floor bedroom of the Coorg House leads the way to the outdoors

The guest bedroom on the top floor has a balcony which offers stunning views

SAKA Studio’s approach to the project is a lesson in timeless design – it is an approach that honors the client’s agency and sustains the home by allowing it to remain incomplete. Basically, the house is a living being in its own right, which grows and changes with the world around it. “When you have a real collaborative relationship between architect and client, which is very rare, you recognize not only what a person is today, but what that person will be in 10 years,” says Kapoor. , adding that “it’s a more stimulating approach to design.