“The post-pandemic environment has unlocked many innovations” – 20 quotes from the week on India’s fight against COVID-19

Launched in 2014, HistoryCocks is a weekly column of YourStory, with notable quotes in our articles from last week. This special compilation series focuses on India’s fight against COVID-19 (see last week’s post here). Share these quotes and excerpts with your networks, and come back to the original articles for more information.

Today, hospitals and clinics are using the technology to test for COVID-19. Even for testing new drugs and their effects on the human condition, the technology and its devices are praised. – Kanav Kahol, PinkTech Designs

As the country battles the pandemic, healthcare is increasingly in the spotlight, leading to increased emergency medical spending. – Prashanth Ranganathan, PayU Finance

We all use masks to protect ourselves from COVID-19, but do we ever check to see if the mask we buy is really effective in preventing the spread of the virus? – Sasha Bose, Nanochemiqs

The impact of COVID-19 has raised global concerns about the availability, accessibility and affordability of nutritious foods. – Sanjiv Lal, Rallis India

The Indian consumer is becoming brand-conscious, service-oriented, and with COVID, hygiene-conscious as well. – Raghav Arora, F5

The COVID-19 outbreak has also prompted people to rethink their lifestyles and choices, including their eating habits. – Basan Patil, Alt Co

Things look very optimistic now. When it comes to clothing and fabrics, people will start shopping again at the same rate as before the pandemic. – Mayuri Doshi, Pooja Exports

With the COVID-19 pandemic still present, healthy gifts are by far the best option that can be considered this holiday season. -Vikas Nahar, Happilo

A study by UNICEF found that the closure of 1.5 million schools as part of a nationwide lockdown in India affected 247 million children enrolled in elementary and secondary schools in 2020. – Naina Jamakhandimath , Matific

Social entrepreneurs play a critical role as advocates, providers and innovators in COVID-19 response efforts. – Ajaita Shah, Border Markets

As a direct result of people staying indoors amid COVID-19, an increasing number of people are adopting pets as furry companions. – Rashi Narang, Heads Up For Tails

People now prefer to stay longer in the mountains, in a secluded and quiet place surrounded by nature, and even work from here. – Yangzas, Airbnb SEWA

The pandemic has acted as an accelerator for the digital adoption of products and services. The traction in several D2C companies and the rapid scale up of the e-commerce channel of some of the existing FMCG companies is a clear indicator of this. – Siddharth Mehta, the capital of the bay

Especially in a remote working culture affected by a pandemic, agile technologies will become more vital than ever. – Amit Gupta, Rapyder Solutions Cloud

The pandemic has taught us that you can work from anywhere without compromising your career path. People can have fuller lives, relocate, and still be essential to the organization and to their own professional growth. – Abhishek Geol, CACTUS

Amid the pandemic, the Indo-Chinese border dispute and anti-Chinese sentiments to boycott Chinese goods have hampered the country’s supply chain. – Namit Bajoria, Kutchina Hom Makers

The pandemic has shown us that there are so many diverse and strong startups that need the boost, attention and capital when they are just starting out. – Pearl Agarwal, Eximius Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of several organizations, but it has also shown the resilience of the Indian MSME sector, which continues to be the bedrock of the Indian economy. – Joseph Varughese

Before the COVID-19 crisis, digital transformation was generally seen as part of a strategy for expansion rather than a pillar. – Khadim Batti, Whatfix

The pandemic has increased the adoption and need for more digital products, services, experiences and amenities. – Prasun Kumar, CommercelQ

Many family businesses (FMB) have indeed taken [the pandemic] as an opportunity to grow like never before. – Anshul Agrawal, MDPH

The post-pandemic environment has allowed many innovations. – Rajeev Suri, Orios

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Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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