Richmond Pharmacology Expands Capacity for Early Phase Studies in Patients

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The new facility is adaptable to meet the requirements of different patient populations and study procedures.

Richmond Pharmacology also recently reconfigured one of its clinical departments to accommodate patients with mental disorders for studies requiring long-term in-house stays; create a safe and research-oriented environment, which at the same time is viewed very positively by patients.

Richmond Pharmacology’s long-standing experience in including patients in early phase trials is well known for its accurate recruitment predictions and rapid patient recruitment.

Dr. Keith berelowitz, the COO commented: “It is the combination of medical expertise, an extensive patient database and an elegant and professional clinical trials unit that makes it a model for the conduct of clinical trials. clinical tests.

Richmond Pharmacology’s bespoke database of more than 185,000 people enrolled and willing to participate in a clinical trial is a major factor contributing to the company’s ability to conduct unusual and exciting early studies in patients. With extensive experience in performing pre-study feasibility assessments with the target population, Richmond Pharmacology provides sponsors with valuable information on the incidence, study acceptability and suitability of populations. in the study “. This helps shape the development of the protocol to meet the study schedule and budget requirements.

Dr Lorch, Medical Director, commented: “An experienced team of clinical pharmacologists and operational specialists assess each patient study for its feasibility and requirements before the company commits to a trial. This has earned us our good reputation as reliable testing specialists. Current studies include patients with osteoarthritis, cosmetic indications, diabetes and orphan diseases.

Benefit from fast and efficient recruitment; contact Richmond Pharmacology with your requirements.

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