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US, China clash over call for ‘transparent’ COVID-19 investigation

The United States calls on China to allow a team of COVID-19 investigators from the World Health Organization to interview “caregivers, former patients and laboratory workers” in the central city of Wuhan. But Chinese authorities say they want to end political pressure on the search for the origins of the pandemic.


A person in a blue full-length medical suit walks down a hallway flanked by two others spraying disinfectant in large white smoke.

How far has the UK variant of COVID-19 spread and how fast is it changing?

Australian authorities say we should assume the UK variant COVID-19 will become the dominant coronavirus strain. This is how the UK variant of COVID-19 has spread around the world.

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Two adults carry luggage behind the airport queue, only their hands and legs are visible, while a child sits on one of the suitcases.

The collapse of the huge Arecibo telescope captured on video

The dramatic collapse of one of the world’s largest single-dish radio telescopes was filmed, showing cables exploding and a 900-ton receiving platform collapsing onto the reflecting dish below.


Arecibo telescope collapses
Two people in full personal protective equipment, white coveralls with hood, P2 masks, transparent goggles and plastic gloves.
A man sits in a hole in the ground holding a giant cockroach.

How sewer tests are helping Victoria detect coronavirus

Victoria is testing wastewater statewide in an attempt to find traces of coronavirus that could have been missed in other tests. This is how it works.

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An employee wears a mask, glasses and a hairnet during Brazilian trials for the potential coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford.
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The first COVID swabs made in Australia, a promising sign for local manufacturers

They are a crucial frontline tool in the fight against the coronavirus and now a Sydney company has become the first to sell locally made medical swabs.

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3D Printing Studios CEO Howard Wood holds a swab.
The mobile service tower is pulled back to reveal the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket
COVID-19 test in Dubbo

Rocket company plans space launch from Queensland within a decade

Adam Gilmour, Founder of Gold Coast-based Gilmour Space Technologies, Announces Successful Rocket Test and Says “There’s no reason we can’t send people into space from Queensland” .


A man standing next to a rocket.

Gilmour Space Technologies Hot Fire Test

Provided: Gilmour Space Technologies

Gilmour Space Technologies rocket engineers completed the first in a series of major technology demonstrations this year: a successful 45-second “hot shot” of their top-stage hybrid rocket engine.


Gilmour Space Technologies pulled off the 45-second “hot fire” of its top-stage hybrid rocket engine.
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Australian research vessel checks air quality in Hobart during coronavirus shutdown

Understanding of air pollution levels in Hobart is about to become much clearer thanks to restrictions on coronaviruses, with CSIRO’s newest vessel using its time while confined in port to measure atmospheric data .

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The view from Mount Wellington in Tasmania overlooking Hobart.

Second strain of coronavirus ‘more contagious’ and spreads faster, researchers say

By Michael Slezak, National Science, Technology and Environment Journalist

A group of leading international researchers say the coronavirus has already mutated into a second strain that appears to have spread faster and more widely than the original strain, potentially compromising efforts to create a vaccine.

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Merkel relied on science during COVID-19. Now its popularity is skyrocketing

Germany’s battle against COVID-19 is far from over, but it appears to have weathered the pandemic better than its European neighbors. It didn’t hurt to have former scientist Angela Merkel at the helm.

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Smiling Angela Merkel sitting in front of a microscope
scabies mites
Mytran Donnelly and Abi Trewin shake hands and Colin Drysdale looks on with a smile.

Fuel-eating microbes take off in Antarctica

This is not a sci-fi horror plot. Scientists are encouraging microorganisms in pristine Antarctic soils to eat the fuel that is inevitably spilled.

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Megapile digger

Think the Canberra hailstorm was intense? It was like in a greenhouse

As a hailstorm of unprecedented ferocity hit CSIRO greenhouses on Monday, researchers working inside the vulnerable buildings were faced with a split-second decision. Stay or go.

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A close-up image of damaged glass in a greenhouse at CSIRO, still with broken glass.

After 30 of his articles were retracted, this Melbourne scientist finally lost his job

A scientist at Swinburne University loses his job after an internal investigation into allegations of research misconduct and dozens of his articles have been withdrawn by scientific journals.

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