Research Associate Job at KHALIFA UNIVERSITY

The description

Research Associate

Purpose of the position

  • Associate researcher to work on the ARIC-KUCARS project “Robotic sorting of engine blades”.
  • Coordinate with industrial collaborators to deliver impactful real-world solutions and initiate research projects aimed at solving industrial problems.
  • To provide high-quality research support and undertake internationally competitive research aimed at publication, thereby contributing to the academic and research mission of the University.
  • Khalifa University offers a unique collaborative scientific research environment and outstanding research facilities. You will have the opportunity to initiate and lead projects and work within interdisciplinary teams.
  • Since the Research Associate experience is transitional to becoming a doctoral student, the Research Associate does their best to learn the varied skills needed to advance their career with the guidance of the advisor. These skills include, but are not limited to, the ability to present research plans and results in a persuasive style, both in oral and written modes of communication, the ability to understand research group management and supervision of others, and the ability to establish contacts. and network with colleagues pursuing a similar research agenda.

Key roles and responsibilities

Strategic responsibilities

Participates in scientific research as a professionally responsible member of the project team, to work primarily on a research and development project focusing on “robotic sorting of engine blades”

Operational responsibilities

Undertake research in the field of mobile terrestrial robot navigation with on-board manipulator for indoor applications. To do this effectively, the platform must be able to locate itself in its environment from a spatial map built using a dynamic and active pixel vision sensor and LIDAR. This project will complement end-effector drilling activities and accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge robotic manufacturing capabilities in customer programs. The candidate will work on the following tasks:

  1. Develop object detection and segmentation algorithms for robotic grasping using visual sensors.
  2. Develop new perception algorithms for the Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS).
  3. Study and implement different gripping methods and adapt these methods to the problem of gripping engine blades.
  4. Propose and design new gripping technologies.
  5. Support other smart robotic manufacturing projects at ARIC.
  6. Develop perception software and interface with existing codebase written in C++ and Python on ROS.
  7. Coordinate with an industrial collaborator to test and deploy the developed approach in real applications.
  8. Prepare presentation of research results and dissemination.
  9. Write monthly progress reports.
  10. Write academic publications.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Help supervise independent study students, SDP students and graduate students on the project


Qualifications and experience

Qualifications required

Masters Degree in Engineering.

Experience required

  • Robotics project experience, strong programming skills in Matlab/C++/Python
  • Strong experience in 2D and 3D vision systems.
  • ROS experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in mechanical design and systems engineering.
  • Familiarity with the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If you need further assistance or have any problem with the online application, please do not hesitate to contact the recruitment team ([email protected]).

Main location: KUK – Khalifa University

Use: Research Associate

Program: Usual

Gap: Standard

Type of employment: Full time