Racquel Leslie Stands Out in Design | Way of life

Work your magic with a simple and elegant design. That was the assignment Racquel Leslie of Everything Events Ja received for this year’s staging of the Flair Distinguished Awards, which she accepted and delivered in opulence and style.

The decorator jumped on board to celebrate Jamaican women pioneers in their respective fields, and she wowed the recipients, sponsors and guests who showed up at the awards ceremony on Monday.

As attendees walked through the doors of The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, they marveled at the signature backdrop to their left. The silhouette featured a poster-size version of the publication’s homepage, and everyone went into paparazzi mode, clicking and flashing at the chance to adorn the cover and feel “distinguished.”

“The backdrop for the cover of the publication was indeed my idea. I told the designer and event coordinator, Tickoya Joseph, that the graphics team needed to come up with something artistic, and they did. I knew it would turn heads. I just didn’t know that would be the focal point of the event,” said the general manager, decorator and designer of Everything Events Ja. Saturday life.

Other beautiful accent pieces that were discovered in the Montego Bay suite were the regal centerpieces on each table displaying cylindrical vases with orchids submerged in water (a recurring motif in its decor), and the lit letters that touted the bold word of the day, FLAIR, added an exquisite and majestic charm to the main event.


Always one to set an artistic note, Leslie explained that recreating spaces was her lifelong passion. Her love for design manifested itself when she started working at the National Land Agency. “I was always moving things around with the desk, adding and subtracting things in spaces and suggesting ways to improve a particular area. Over time, people were asking me for ideas on what to do from their house or their office. I realized then that I had a gift and decided to follow what I loved,” she said.

Since then, she has embarked on a design journey, starting her own business. Everything Events Ja offers decoration and design services for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, event management, etc. The decoration company offers its customers the best not only in design but also in customer service. “We go above and beyond our customers’ expectations to make sure their special day is perfect.”

Clients who have had the honor of booking her would describe her creative skills as simple, unique and elegant. Being in business for four years and counting comes with its own set of challenges, but it also teaches patience and discipline. “I encountered many obstacles along the way. But I managed to maneuver and I learned that sometimes you take the hits and you get up right away, ”she added, while explaining that positive comments, support and love are rewarding. .

So how does Leslie’s creative process work? She usually asks the client to provide her with the basic idea of ​​her desires, mood and tone for the event and her guests, then she begins the search for designs compatible with the request. From there, the entrepreneur gets to work unleashing their creativity, finding a happy medium between client and designer that makes a perfect match.

“Watching a space go from boring to absolutely fabulous, and then seeing the client’s reaction to that transformation,” brings Leslie the most joy in her life as an event designer. And if she could choose one event to design for the rest of her days on earth, it would be weddings. Bringing the concept of a couple to nuptial reality and seeing their faces light up on their special day is all the satisfaction she needs.

With added motivation from friends and family to stay the course and push her design boundaries, she hopes to one day open a bridal boutique, providing a one-stop-shop for her clients. “I also recently started a logistics company called ANT Logistic, we offer courier and transportation services,” she added.

Outside of design and decoration, Leslie is a lover of carpentry and painting. When not constructing objects, the designer can be found tuning her mind with the visual art form. She encourages those looking to create a career in her field to go there. “If you have this naturally artistic side, start by doing a few small events, learning on the job and doing research; You can not be wrong.

You can find Leslie on Instagram: @everything_eventsja.

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