Post Doctoral Research Associate – NARSAD job with KINGS COLLEGE LONDON

job description

We are looking for an enthusiastic postgraduate student with an interest in the biology of mental health and a PhD in genetics, computer science or a related analytical field. The successful candidate will contribute to the development and performance of analyzes linking genetic variants associated with mental health disorders and their biological function in the brain.

The successful candidate will report to Dr. Jonathan Coleman and be part of his expanding research group focused on the link between statistical genetics and biology in mental health disorders. The group is based at the Center for Social, Genetic and Developmental Psychiatry (SGDP), which is part of the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurosciences. We collaborate closely with other research groups examining the statistical genetics of mental health disorders, both at SGDP and internationally.

The successful candidate will conduct research building on recently identified associations between genetic variants and mental health disorders. You will work closely with the supervisor to annotate the variants by their biological action in the brain. You will also monitor the literature to identify new data to generate these annotations. You will then design analyzes using these annotated variants to identify biological actions common to the variants associated with mental health disorders. These analyzes will deepen our understanding of how genetic variants may act to increase the risk of developing mental health disorders.

The SGDP Center strives to provide a diverse, open, welcoming and supportive research environment for all. Faculty-wide initiatives are supported by an active diversity and inclusion team. We particularly welcome applications from individuals who identify with identities and backgrounds that are underrepresented in academia.

This position will be offered on a 12-month fixed-term contract.

This is a full-time position – 100% full-time equivalent, but applications for a part-time position are welcome.

Main responsibilities

• Work with the supervisor to design statistical genetic analyzes to assess the functional consequences of genetic variants associated with mental disorders.

• Conduct these analyzes in a UNIX computing environment.

• Monitor the genetic literature for emerging data related to the function of genetic variants in brain cells.

• Clean and organize many different genetic datasets to produce annotations of genetic variants by biological function in the brain.

• Present the results of the analyzes to the supervisor and to the other members of the team.

• Contribute to the writing of scientific publications resulting from research

• Undertake reproducible analysis in an open science setting.

The above list of responsibilities may not be exhaustive and the post holder will be required to undertake the duties and responsibilities reasonably expected within the scope and classification of the post.

Skills, knowledge and experience

Essential criteria

1. PhD in statistical genetics, computer science or related academic field.

2. Experience working in a UNIX/POSIX computing environment

3. Experience working with human genome-wide genotype data

4. Demonstrated commitment to conducting open science using reproducible analytical pipelines

5. Familiarity with research in the academic literature

6. Ability to work independently

7. Excellent attention to detail in data management and reporting of results

8. Strong interpersonal and written communication skills, with ability to discuss research results

Desirable criteria

1. Interest in mental health research

2. Knowledge of functional and regulatory biology