Chinese President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stated his goal of turning the country into a “science and technology superpower.” But when it comes to China’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) research environment, recently published research suggests they may have a long way to go. Richard P. Appelbaum, Distinguished ResearchRead More →

DALLAS & NASHVILLE, Tennessee – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Pharos Capital Group, LLC (“Pharos”), a Dallas and Nashville-based private equity firm, announced the acquisition of Horizon Oncology (“Horizon”), headquartered in Lafayette, in Indiana. The acquisition marks the launch of Verdi Oncology, Inc. (“Verdi”), an oncology and clinical research practice management company.Read More →

Can improved research designs answer questions that arise between physicians and patients, such as a better understanding of the risks and benefits of prescription drugs for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Brian M. D’Onofrio, PhD, presented translational epidemiology in a talk titled The Risks and Benefits of ADHD: A PharmacoepidemiologicRead More →

By Fazeena Saleem Qatar University College of Law (QU-LAWC), the leading provider of specialized legal education in the country, continues its efforts to promote an excellent research environment that stimulates creativity and innovation through collaborations with academic organizations in the private and public sectors and with researchers from institutions inRead More →

By Will Ferguson, College of Arts and Sciences PULLMAN, Wash. – Machines in physics professor Peter Engels’ lab are custom-built to take precise measurements and withstand extreme temperatures. Each component is unique, expensive and time consuming to build. But a new three-dimensional printer in the College of Arts and Sciences’Read More →

According to the USDA-Economic Research Service, 550-pound steers sold in November 2014 for $ 302.66 per cwt; in October, 800-pound steers sold for $ 238.80. Yet Randall Raymond, DVM, at Simplot Land and Livestock, is working hard to create an even more valuable and profitable fattening calf. How? ‘Or’ What?Read More →