Mankato Soil Management Summit

The University of Minnesota Extension Service will host the Soil Management Summit on December 14-15, 2021 in Mankato. If I remember correctly, this great conference used to be called Strip Till Conference, Conservation Tillage Conference, Ridge Till Conference and maybe others. While the titles have changed, the theme of the conference has not changed! I was happy when I received the release from Claire LaCanne Extension Educator in Rice County and Steele, not only that he would be in person, but also nearby Mankato!

Claire is on the planning committee and was excited about the conference. There will be well-known scientists presenting research on carbon sequestration, soil health, cover crops and many more. Another great part of the program is that Minnesota farmers talk about their experiences with conservation tillage. Even without cold soils in the upper Midwest, they’ve developed systems that work well. Other farmers who are considering adopting some form of conservation tillage may learn from it and not make the same mistakes!

You can register and find more information on the website: If you register before November 30, 2021, the cost is $ 155, after November 30, 2021, it drops to $ 185. In addition, there is a virtual option of $ 100.

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