Launch of Solargis Analyst as the first specialized software for solar data management

Solargis, a professional solar data and software service provider, announced the launch of the first software platform—Solargis Analyst—explicitly designed for solar data visualization, quality management and analysis.

This platform is developed internally by the Solargis data analysis team. It aims to empower solar engineers and decision makers to improve the efficiency of complex resource analysis, identify and correct measurement errors, and ultimately improve their engineering decisions and financial.

Photo: Solargis

As solar energy portfolios increase in size and complexity, the challenge of managing the consistency and quality of solar data streams measured during project development and operation also increases. The scale of this challenge is significant, as many solar projects around the world suffer in one way or another from unreliable solar resource data.

In particular, solar resource analysts face a constant struggle to reconcile ground-based measurements with time series from satellite models. Errors in solar measurements affect the accuracy of performance estimates, which ultimately impacts financial returns. Additionally, data quality issues also affect long-term operational decision-making, where inaccurate inputs hinder the effective development and management of solar portfolios.

However, approximately 70% of solar resource analysts worldwide still use spreadsheets or other non-specialist tools to manage their data. The market needs a faster, more efficient, and solar-specific tool to visualize and analyze critical data streams.

Solargis Analyst represents a materialization of the knowledge and experience of 20 years of the Solargis team, working with solar measurements for more than 1,000 sites worldwide. It provides a single, user-friendly platform for efficient management, visualization and analysis of solar resources and meteorological data, which greatly reduces analysis time, simplifies procedures and facilitates teamwork.

The platform enables users to address all of the most common quality management challenges, including unreliable, incomplete, and inconsistently formatted data, while meeting industry demand for tools specifically based on solar physics and advanced data science.

In combination with Solargis’ technical support and advisory services, this ultimately enables solar PV stakeholders to increase confidence in financial transactions using approved and validated quality data and improve accuracy and reliability. transparency of their performance evaluations.