Knowledge Pele, Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and University of Sussex Launch Sustainability Research Collaboration

The World Wildlife Foundation has demonstrated that “humanity must now produce more food over the next four decades than we have produced in the last 8,000 years of agriculture combined”[1].

This growing global food crisis is accompanied by an escalating climate crisis. It therefore goes without saying that the solutions to the food crisis must take climate change into account.

Moreover, historical social problems persist. Women remain on the periphery of the global economy. More specifically, with reference to the agricultural sector, the United Nations reports that “worldwide, women make up only 13% of agricultural landowners”.[2]. By taking a multidimensional perspective on the issue, this collaborative research project seeks to provide practical solutions to these challenges that can be scaled up across the globe.

Above all, Coldplay, the British rock group, supports this effort. Having set out to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability agenda, Coldplay has selected Knowledge Pele in 2021 to be one of its global sustainability affiliates.

The selection recognizes Knowledge Pele’s global leadership as a company that designs and implements cutting-edge sustainability projects in the most vulnerable communities.

They provide financial support to the project. Costa Rica, a world leader in sustainability, is notably powered by 99% renewable energy, among its many achievements. The University of Sussex is ranked the number 1 university in development studies in the world.

The collaboration thus brings together leaders in the field of sustainability who seek to provide guidance to the global community.

Initially, the projects will be implemented in Costa Rica and South Africa. However, the intention is to expand them across the globe, with the explicit intention of achieving scale and demonstrating long-term social and commercial sustainability.

“We are honored to work with partners we revere to bring our work to the world stage. Our intention is to bring our experience of the South African market to new geographies, demonstrating that the social, environmental and economic returns are not only complementary, but can be achieved in unison,” Fumani said. Mthembi, managing director of Knowledge Pele.

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