Interior design trends to expect in 2022 show a call to nature

It will be an interesting year in which people will rebuild, rediscover and begin to appreciate their homes more.

Ballito interior designer, Jeanine Theron of Jadore Design Studios, shared her take on the trends homeowners can expect this year, saying that in the third year of the global Covid pandemic, l The focus is on creating spaces in homes where owners will feel more emotionally empowered.

Interior designer Ballito, Jeanine Theron.

“More research has shown the direct influence of our homes, not only on our mood, but also on our overall health and well-being,” she said.

Theron said the majority of his clients are now looking for warm and cozy spaces that create a calm atmosphere in their home, with the main elements being:


More and more people are spending time indoors at home and seeking a sense of nature. Theron suggests introducing stone wear, terra cotta, marble and travertine when it comes to tub backsplashes, furniture and accents.

“The raw, porous, and imperfect nature of these materials adds depth, soul, and visual intrigue while mimicking the soothing, restorative vibe of the outdoors.”

While adding plants and natural elements to homes is not a new trend, Theron said there is an added emphasis on these with, in some cases, even life-size trees being incorporated into the houses.


Theron noted that people are looking for comfort and functionality rather than focusing on achieving state-of-the-art spaces.

“More graceful and sensuous shapes, curved edges with a sculptural feel can be seen in furniture and structures. Curved shapes create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in a space,” she said, adding that fewer hard shapes with solid edges can be seen.


Relating to the soul of a home, neutral colors have taken a back seat as people become more adventurous in their search for change.

Instead, bold colors and patterns reminiscent of the 60s and 70s can be seen, with green in all shades again making it necessary to bring the outdoors inside.

More muted shades inspired by tones found in nature are incorporated into the patterns.

Gray colors, she said, have oversaturated the market over the past couple of years and it shows in almost every development. Instead, the use of brown tones has lately given homes a unique feel.


According to Theron, the traditional details are returning this year.

“With so much change in the world in recent years, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking for a sense of comfort, timelessness or even a bit of nostalgia in their home.”

“Items that remind us of times when everything was normal can be seen returning to homes.”

The spaces

Identifying a specific room in your house with a specific purpose is completely gone.

As people realize they really can live on less, 2021 has opened homeowners’ eyes to the fact that a kitchen can become a meeting room.

“People are getting creative with how their spaces can be multi-functional and are increasingly turning to professionals for space planning. Versatile pieces are becoming the norm, like integrating your living room into an office.

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