How to protect yourself against personal data theft?

How to protect yourself against personal data theft?

Nowadays, there are more and more ways of phishing our personal data. Criminals’ ideas seem endless. You should always be careful when giving or sending our personal data to anyone. Links to websites with information, e.g. about a reward for us, can be unsafe by email or SMS. See for a summary

It is best not to click on unknown links from unknown recipients, because there is a risk of downloading a virus that will allow someone to download our all data including those for logging in online banking. Particular care should be taken with all loan offers for those in debt, because the criminal wants to prey on people in need who can easily fall into the trap of a quick money promise.

If we want to log in to online banking, we should check each time whether we are on a secure page, i.e. one with an SSL certificate. We will recognize this by the green padlock preceding the domain address.

In addition, do not send your ID scan to anyone until you are 100% sure that this is the right person. And above all, if you lose or be robbed of your documents, always report the theft to the police and any bank.

Each bank has this function and automatically in the banking registers this document will appear as restricted. In addition, reporting the theft of a document to the police, in the case of extortion of credit on our data, will allow appeal and will be evidence in possible court cases.

How can you check if someone has taken your payday loan?

How can you check if someone has taken your payday loan?

Payday loan is a loan product that is easily available and does not require many documents to take it. In principle, an ID card is enough, so there is a risk that someone may try to impersonate us.

Identity documents should also be protected exceptionally, not left anywhere, never given as collateral for any purpose and the scan not available if we are not convinced to whom it will go. To check whether someone took the payday loan on us, we can check the available databases used by banks and loan companies.

First of all, you can download a report from BIK, BIG Info Monitor or KRD. For continuous monitoring, you can periodically download such a report. In addition, the Credit Information Bureau offers the option of BIK Alert. It is based on you that if a question appears in the BIK proving that someone is trying to take a loan for our data, we will receive an SMS notification and an email.

Extortion of payday loans via the Internet – is it possible?

Extortion of payday loans via the Internet - is it possible?

This is absolutely possible. Especially considering that the rules and the process of obtaining payday payments are not complicated and you don’t have to complete many formalities. This makes it easier for the consumer to obtain a loan, but unfortunately it makes criminals’ way easier. In the event of theft of your ID card or even leaving it anywhere, you can use this data to take out payday loans.

It is even enough to photocopy our ID document and you can already identify it online – often it is enough. Similarly, if we provide our data to any consultant on the hotline – they have no right to ask us for all the data, and we do not have to provide it. This is too much of a risk, especially since you never know who’s calling. Also, the criminal already has our ID card or data, completes the online application and enjoys cash?

The most common obstacle is a bank account and a verification transfer, which should be done to confirm the authenticity of the data. A bank account for a photocopied document or forged document can also be opened successfully, especially by using the option of signing the contract by courier, who may not hurry or absent-mindedly verify your identity card or don’t recognize the false ID.

In addition, there are loans online without a bank account, so that makes things quite easy. You have to be careful about the accounts we set up massively and various profiles, because we often provide a lot of data there, by which we can be identified, combined data from many accounts and create a realistic, fake profile.

What to do if someone took a payday loan or loan for you?

What to do if someone took a payday loan or loan for you?

First of all, you should file a credit fraud notification with the police or prosecutor’s office. This will enable prosecution of the perpetrator and the person responsible for putting us in this difficult situation. This will make it easier to prove that we did not actually take out this loan.

The next step is directed to a loan company or bank and we submit an appeal, documenting with reports to the police that we are not the actual beneficiaries of this loan.

Additional evidence is that the verification transfer was not made from our account and was not affected by money. If this does not work, then unfortunately we will face the court, especially if the bailiff has already started the debt enforcement procedure.

Financial penalties – what are they?

As for any crime, there are penalties for financial fraud, which is regulated by Art. 297 of the Penal Code. Art. 286 of the Penal Code, when a criminal incurs debt to another person with the intention of not paying it back. Unfortunately, these penalties do not deter potential criminals. Probably because the possible income exceeds the severity of the penalty.

In addition, there is always a shadow of a chance that you will not be caught, so the perpetrators prefer to take the risk. It is a pity that this is at the expense of other people who then face many problems until the matter is resolved.

Restricting your ID card – a good way to protect against cheaters?

Restricting your ID card - a good way to protect against cheaters?

If your ID card has been lost or stolen, then it is an absolute must to reserve your ID card. There is even a special phone launched by the Cream Bank, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can reserve data even from abroad. We report the theft of ID cards to the police, but this does not cause the document to be restricted.

However, this is proof in the event of extortion of payday loans or other obligations on our data. In addition, there is the Restricted Documents system, which is used by banks, financial intermediaries, postal agencies and other companies, which identify the customer by their ID card and each restricted identity document appears in it.

We can also reserve a document at a bank branch or at a bank hotline, especially if the event takes place over the weekend. The key time is when we make such a notification, because it will prevent further activities to our detriment, e.g. taking a loan for our data, collecting fines or other operations.

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