Granular Brings New Digital Nitrogen Management Options to Farmers

Our new nitrogen management product offerings let farmers know they are prioritizing effort and inputs on acres and areas with the most potential.

Granular, the world leader in farm management software (FMS) and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience, today announced the launch of new digital nitrogen management offerings to help farmers and their advisors optimize their inputs nitrogen and make reliable, data-driven decisions in a booming fertilizer environment. prices.

At the heart of these new offerings is the proprietary granular cultivation model. Originally developed in 2013, this data-driven algorithm is a comprehensive system that simulates the growth of corn crops throughout the season, allowing farmers and their advisers to make timely and informed decisions as they go along. the growing season unfolds and changes. The model simulates both plant growth and soil processes based on four inputs: time, soil, management practices and crop genetics. The model has been enhanced for improved accuracy this season with the most advanced nitrogen research from recent on-farm trials and regional trials in partnership with eight universities.

“142 site-years of data and 10,151 experimental units (experimental unit = one plot of land) were used to refine this model,” explains Bob Gunzenhauser, head of agronomic sciences at Granular. “If you assume that a field has an average of 20 decision areas, our model runs 400 simulations per day for that single field. Our new nitrogen management product offerings let farmers know they are prioritizing effort and inputs on acres and areas with the most potential.

As an example of improvements to the granular crop model, the root mean square error (RMSE) of the soil temperature estimate has been reduced by more than 50%; this results in simulations of soil moisture and temperature more closely matching actual measurements, ensuring that nitrogen conversion, movement and uptake are calculated correctly.

With near-record fertilizer prices and sustainable farming practices in mind for 2022, Granular offers farmers and their trusted advisors two new offerings to help them maximize their nitrogen investment and yields with flagship digital products from Granular:

  • Granular Insights offers a new feature option called Nitrogen Essentials for Platinum Plus customers. This feature allows farmers to monitor and manage the optimum amount of nitrogen in conjunction with their Pioneer sales representative. It provides farmers with a direct overview of how their nitrogen levels in the soil are changing, depending on weather events.
  • Granular Agronomy’s Nitrogen Service is a fully customized nitrogen management offering that Certified Service Agents (CSAs) provide to help farmers take control of field variability. In addition to offering granular agronomy in more locations than ever before, variable rate recommendations have become even more powerful with improvements to the granular cultivation model.

“Nitrogen is essential for maximum yield potential, but it can be one of the most expensive inputs for a farmer each season,” Gunzenhauser said. “With the volatility of fertilizer prices, it is extremely important to protect this investment, and we are convinced that we now offer farmers and their advisers the most innovative solutions to maximize their nitrogen investment. ”

Granular’s nitrogen offerings complement other Corteva nitrogen management solutions, including Utrisha â„¢ N Nutrient Efficiency Optimizer and Instinct NXTGEN® and N-Serve® nitrogen stabilizers. Utrisha â„¢ N increases the nitrogen utilization efficiency of a crop while stabilizers help ensure nitrogen will be present when the crop needs it most to maximize yield potential. The granular crop model captures the stabilizing effect of Instinct NXTGEN and N-serve and integrates it into the nitrogen seasonality graph to help farmers and their workers monitor and make reliable, informed decisions. data when it comes to planning applications and adapting to the season. effects.

Farmers interested in taking advantage of Granular’s new nitrogen management offerings on their operation should connect with their Pioneer sales representative, Granular CSA or visit to learn more.

About Granular

Granular, a Corteva Agriscience â„¢ company, is farm management software (FMS) that helps thousands of farmers today build more profitable and efficient farms to manage their land for generations to come. As a global leader in FMS, Granular uniquely combines an industry-leading support team with the most recommended powerful yet easy-to-use software suite to help farmers and their teams manage every aspect. of their operation as a business. From finance to agronomy to operations, farmers are now able to make data-driven decisions with greater confidence in an increasingly challenging environment.

Granular is based in San Francisco and has offices around the world. Granular is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Corteva Agriscience (NYSE: CTVA). Learn more about Granular at, Twitter, @AgGranular, and Instagram, @Granular_Ag, or

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™ ® ℠ Trademarks and service marks of Corteva Agriscience and its affiliates.

* Data from 534 DuPont Pioneer three-year research trials 2015-2017. The amounts shown are unweighted averages based on gross income (before service charges) and standardized grain input and market prices.

* Product and crop performance is variable and subject to a number of environmental pressures, diseases and pests. Individual results may vary from year to year.

* Improvements to the granular culture model have been made based on a diverse set of research studies and a review of the literature.

1. Primarily, the Pioneer Regional Nitrogen Trials (PRNT), a collaboration between Pioneer and eight Midwestern universities using aligned testing and measurement methodology, conducted from 2014 to 2016, has been widely used for tuning and validation of the model.

2. Additionally, the 2018-2020 Corteva nitrogen trials, conducted at various Pioneer research sites in the Midwest, were used for crucial soil and plant measurements.

3. Finally, on-farm nitrogen response trials, conducted with the help of certified Granular service agents and their farmers in 2020, provided a diverse data set spanning Ontario. , in Canada, in the Mississippi Delta. An in-depth literature review of existing research articles was performed to incorporate and validate the new model adjustments and functionality.

4. Research continued into the 2021 crop season with the Corteva nitrogen trials and the CSA-Farmer N Response trials, as well as new academic collaborations with the University of Nebraska, University of Minnesota. , Purdue University, University of Guelph, University of Delaware, University of Maryland and Penn State University.

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