Filtered the design of the Sony Xperia Pro-I

Sony is known for delivering some of the most important devices in the tech world. TVs are only a small sample of their quality, but it also offers proposals in the world of smartphones. This is where we will see new features very soon with the presence of a new sony Xperia Pro-I, the first images of which have already leaked.

It would be Sony’s new smartphone

Many companies are hoping to convince users of high-end smartphones. Everyone faces the segment with a different proposition and with something that differentiates them from the others in certain aspects. And is that in the range of Android phones, the hardware is something that can be common with the spec sheet on the front, so the only solution is to differentiate the part of the chassis.

And this is where Sony seems to want to stand out when it knows what the definitive design of the Sony Xperia Pro-I could be. It is a professional terminal which, according to the images leaked on Twitter, will have the most curious characteristics. In fact, there is a single front camera in the top section almost to the left which, presumably, will be in a notch hole.

The screen protrudes a little from the chassis, in the frame of which we can see a curious distribution of the button panel on the right side. At the top we have the typical volume control, while below we can see two buttons, one protruding slightly to the side and another placed at the height of the surface that could be used to control the taking of photos. .

But what stands out about this phone is the distribution of the rear cameras. The packaging in which they are placed is arranged in a vertical orientation where the second protrudes from the top. This sensor, signed by manufacturer Carl Zeiss, is no less than an inch in length and is probably the main sensor.

More details next Wednesday

For the moment, the filtration of the first photos of the Sony Xperia Pro-I only gave us the design of the terminal. There are no technical details on the device and for that we will have to wait until next Wednesday morning, due to the time difference between the Japanese country and ours, where the Japanese firm is launching its mobile device on the market.


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