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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 1, 2022 / By early 2021, the video game industry is expected to reach $ 179.7 billion in revenue, more than the global movie industry ($ 100 billion) and the North American sports industry ($ 75 billion). dollars) combined. Only 4 months after 2021, the video game industry has shattered those expectations. In April, the industry was worth more than $ 300 billion, of which $ 200 billion represented direct revenues. And there’s reason to believe this boom is here to stay, as gamers find solace in the social interaction that social games bring to a post-pandemic world.

Game developers have felt a different version of the effects of the pandemic. Studios had to develop games remotely, even though they weren’t fully prepared for remote collaboration. This in turn resulted in production delays as developers struggled to collaborate remotely on very complex projects.

Revolutionize remote collaboration for teams

Few people understand this pain like Ada Liu Hendren, CEO and Founder of ShareCreators. After spending 3 years as artistic director of a Nasdaq-listed company, Ada experienced firsthand the inefficiencies of collaboration in game development. In fact, it highlights the biggest issues she (and others) have faced – finding the right digital files or versions under the pressure of impending game releases.

She was frustrated that they did not have an effective solution that reduced the time spent searching for files or versions and left more time for design. Transferring digital assets (when employees changed jobs, for example) was a struggle and would only be possible with a complex product like P4V, commonly used in the gaming industry. A simple file name change would require download, rename, and then download the file again. Managing and backing up thousands of digital assets on sluggish old systems on a daily basis was a nasty task that couldn’t be avoided. This was all the more so since failure to properly back up files could result in significant financial losses for the business.

And Ada was not alone in her frustration. Research shows that companies have wasted 63 precious days per employee due to the lack of a functioning digital asset management platform each year.

That’s why ShareCreators was designed – to help remote teams collaborate more effectively through Orange, a powerful enterprise resource management platform that helps organizations maximize the accessibility of their digital assets.

Artificial intelligence meets file management

The powerful AI-powered platform offers shared team folders that allow users to find all files easily. Since artificial intelligence determines the content of each file, users can search for the file’s color, name, tags, and other attributes. These powerful search capabilities aren’t limited to internal files, but also imported archive photos, URLs, Google Drive content, Dropbox files, and even P4V files.

Even videos also benefit from object recognition capabilities, as software can tell the difference between humans and furniture, for example.

But these powerful features aren’t just for game developers and VFX companies. Publishing teams, editors, distribution teams and more can also benefit from Orange’s comprehensive document retrieval and sharing capabilities. For example, the ability to “read” keywords in scanned documents allows users to search for documents by keywords in the document. Documents hosted by Google and Dropbox can also be imported by simply pasting document links into the search bar, with automatic language translation. All of this includes chat functionality synchronized with messaging systems eg Slack, Lark, Skype for Business. The powerful platform is intuitive and easy to use, and users can learn and use the software in as little as 20 minutes.

Orange can also integrate with financial data and corporate customers can request personalization features for tailor-made functions. The company also has other great features in development, such as compartmentalized file feedback capabilities as well as Passion, an intuitive team project management software.

The value of these solutions can be gauged against Orange’s closest competitor which generates $ 350 million in revenue from a less differentiated platform. The Business Opportunity for Orange is an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface that saves teams time through seamless file management and remote sharing.

In an industry where a simple object file transfer can save teams a month of production time, the benefits of Orange cannot be underestimated. That’s why Orange users can expect an immediate 60% to 750% ROI after adoption. The world’s top game developers such as NetEase Games, Stock: NTES (NASDAQ) give the platform an approval rating of over 80%. Developers like Boke City – a Shanghai-based games company with more than 600 employees are also using the platform to improve their day-to-day efficiency.

ShareCreator’s CTO Jay Liu brings predictable security to ShareCreator’s infrastructure through his banking experience and exceptional track record of error-free processing of $ 2 billion in Chinese commercial bank loans.

During a gold rush sell shovels

Today, the company is raising $ 7 million to $ 10 million Series A to fund R&D, sales, marketing and distribution and tap the huge potential offered by the global enterprise content market. Ada’s mission is to make Orange the global leader in intuitive digital asset management and the company is on track to achieve that mission after co-creating four of the five of the world’s top-grossing Royal Battle Games. Investors now have the option of owning an initial stake in a slice of a growing $ 300 billion industry. If you would like to be a part of this innovative initiative, contact ShareCreators below while the opportunity is open.

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