Department of Sustainability Monitoring and improving energy management on campus |

Greg Monaco, Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability with the new building dashboard.

Stony Brook University Sustainable Development Departmentin collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Effectivenessdeveloped a new way to track energy use on campus and at Stony Brook University Hospital, paving the way for future energy reduction projects and sustainability initiatives.

The owner Energy dashboard displays real-time energy consumption at the West, East and South Campuses, as well as the Research and Development Park and the Southampton Campus. Users can toggle between total energy consumption amounts and energy consumption intensity (EUI), measured in kBtu (kilo-British thermal unit) per square foot for each building on campus.

Annual energy costs are also displayed, along with tips to help reduce energy consumption in an individual building based on building classification. For example, in the University’s chemistry building, small changes such as keeping fume hood shutters closed, increasing the temperature of laboratory freezers, and turning off lights when a room is unoccupied can help conserve resources and reduce energy consumption.

Energy data for each building can now be displayed on a live dashboard showing energy consumption over time and percentage of total usage by energy type (heating, cooling and/or electrical). The dashboard also allows viewers to compare energy consumption between different buildings and includes a calendar that updates the total energy consumption for each day during the year.

The Department of Sustainable Development aims to increase transparency of data on energy consumption on campus in order to encourage faculty, staff and students of the University to conserve and make better use of resources as well as to achieve University goals associated with energy reduction.

See a demonstration video updated website and dashboards.