Colombia seeks millionaire loans with CAF for culture and environment

Bogotá, Oct 29 (EFE) .- The Colombian government is negotiating with the Latin American Development Bank-CAF a set of loans of 700 million dollars that will be allocated to creative industries and environmental conservation, announced this Friday President Iván Duke.

The President made the announcement in a joint statement he met with CAF President Sergio Díaz-Granados, whom he met this morning in Bogotá.

According to Duque, during the conversation, they discussed “the package of credits that Colombia aspires to consolidate with CAF by 2022 and which already shows today a paved way to materialize them”.

He explained that these credits have two objectives: “to continue to strengthen the strategy of the orange economy (…) and of conservation”.

“So it would be 350 million for orange economy issues and 350 million for conservation issues, where one of Colombia’s most important goals is to achieve before 2030 (…) that 30% of the territory national is declared protected. region ”, he declared.


The president underlined the interest of CAF – the former Andean Development Company – in financing the development of orange in the country where the government has defined 72 zones for the promotion of cultural and creative industries.

“The borrowing countries (of CAF) want to make culture a cornerstone to generate benefits for the whole of society and of course to achieve sustainable development,” added the president.

Regarding the preservation of the environment, Duque said that with the loan of CAF, they hope to be able to protect green spaces, “to advance in natural conservation contracts, to advance in the planting of 180 million trees and to define a target for the next four years “.

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