Bipsync Showcases Latest Advances in Modern Search Management at MFA Network 2020

NEW YORK, January 27, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Bipsync, the provider of research management software (RMS) for investment firms, today announced its participation in the Managed Funds Association, MFA Network 2020 event, this week.

Bipsync will showcase the full range of advanced RMS features for allocators and fund managers at the event, which will be held in Miami Beach of January 27e – 29e.

Designed to solve the unique research challenges facing institutional investors today, the Bipsync platform tightly integrates a configurable productivity environment, a flexible and compliant data store for knowledge assets, and powerful tools for managing knowledge assets. process to accelerate decision-making and promote differentiation within the front office.

The New York-based software provider, which has some of the world’s largest multibillion-dollar hedge funds and distributors among its rapidly growing customers, will showcase the January version of its software to conference attendees.

Bipsync provides a new software update to customers every three weeks. Its 163rd version, released this month, includes over 30 improvements and advancements to its powerful RMS search functionality.

This follows a host of major Bipsync RMS features launched over the past six months, including a new configuration and integration app, advanced user provisioning, Microsoft Exchange sync integration, read-only user and super administrator and powerful reporting functionality. In total, Bipsync released over 20 product updates in 2019 with over 200 new features and enhancements to the platform.

Conference attendees will be able to see the research platform in action at the Bipsync booth, and representatives from Bipsync will also be on hand to discuss the latest results of its 2020 market-wide study on investment research and data management technology and best practices.

Bipsync makes its software version details publicly available; all release notes can be viewed in full on the blog.

About Bipsync
Bipsync provides a modern research platform to maximize the productivity of professional investors and asset management firms. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013 by experienced investors and software developers, the company uses modern technologies and user-centric design to accelerate the entire research process, from idea to investment, and identify the information that helps make better, faster decisions for investors and funds. For more information, visit

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