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  • Director
  • Baccalaureate
  • Singapore | Closing on March 25, 2022

3-year contract or until December 31, 2024

About Us

Singapore Management University is a place where high-level professionalism blends with healthy informality. The “family” atmosphere within the SMU community fosters a culture where employees work, plan, organize, and play together, which builds collegiality and morale within the university.

Our commitment to attracting and retaining talent continues. We offer attractive benefits, competitive compensation and generous professional development opportunities, all to meet the professional and personal needs of our staff. It’s no wonder, then, that SMU continues to receive numerous awards and recognitions for the excellence of its human resources.

job description

Help us create open source tools and technologies that do for legal and qualitative reasoning what the spreadsheet did for quantitative reasoning.

As part of SMU’s research program in computer law, researchers are developing open source languages ​​and libraries to be shared on Github and used by a future generation of web and mobile applications. We have three to five years to achieve this goal.

As a member of the team, you will have the opportunity to participate in software projects. That implies:

  • Learn fundamental areas of computer science, including data structures, algorithms, programming language theory, and logic
  • Learn to use third-party tools, including editors, IDEs, databases, business process modeling software, programming languages, specification languages; and libraries;
  • Assessing the suitability of competing software systems
  • Build infrastructure to enable application development
  • Manage yourself and other team members
  • Engage in product, project and program management as required
  • Read books and consume other forms of media about software development
  • Write documentation such as user/developer manuals, tutorials
  • Provide community support to users and customers
  • Prepare presentations to represent the project in front of external audiences
  • Writing user-oriented applications across the “full stack

Indicators of success:

You can measure your (external) success in this work by the number and quality of accepted contributions to the research program’s Github repositories. Many software development missions will be available. You can measure (internal) success by how often you find yourself in a state of flow; by how many new ways of thinking you have mastered; and how well you can get computers to help you and others achieve important goals.