Credit buyback comparator

 Your credits accumulate Do you have too many credits? Are you drowning in debt and struggling to make ends meet? The repurchase of credit is the solution which you need. The idea is to combine all your current loans (car loan, consumer credit, home loan …) under the same contract, the conditions of which will be more advantageous. Depending on […]

Credit with death insurance on hand

Are you considering taking out a life insurance loan? Are you still undecided whether the benefits of credit insurance are actually healthy in relation to the costs? We do not want to suggest or excuse you to take out credit insurance. We will provide you with facts and alternatives. Credit insurance is usually only offered as an option. How you […]

Reschedule a debt cheaply.

What do you expect from the interest rate trend in the coming years? A further decline in the key interest rates for credit and positive interest rates for borrowing are unlikely. If you want to reschedule credit cheaply, the current time would be well chosen. Consumer interest rates seem to have bottomed out. We support your debt rescheduling request with […]

Floating rate mortgage lenders have been warned

The National Bank of Hungary decided on a one-time tightening, but for the time being it is not about to start an interest rate raising cycle. In the longer term, be cautious, market interest rates may rise, and this may result in a higher installment on existing floating rate loans. Interest rate risk, on the other hand, can be eliminated […]

Types of MasterCard credit cards in Colombia

The Good Finance credit card franchise offers a great diversity of these credit instruments. In this article you will know the types and benefits offered by Good Finance credit cards in Colombia . Good Finance credit card Good Finance is one of the most notorious credit card franchises or brands in the world. Its users exceed 330 million people and […]

Where to ask for a loan or loan in Guatemala?

If you want to rely on a loan most are the entities that can make it for you, however , not all of these suit you or have facilities to provide you loans without security. One of the most common reasons whenever requesting a loan is the emergency with which money is needed, regarding emergencies, purchases, necessities or even some […]

We compare prices on SMS loans | Payday Loans

When you borrow money in the form of SMS loans, you obviously want to find a loan that is as cheap as possible. This is where we try to help you by comparing prices, for example, and then giving you links that you can benefit from. One thing to keep in mind is that the word SMS loan refers to […]

How to choose a credit card?

Credit cards allow us to buy things that we could not access by paying cash. The fact of being able to pay in installments , at a later date , or even be benefited with prizes and discounts , can give the feeling of not spending. But be careful, because that concept of things can lead to serious financial problems […]