Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have developed a non-invasive way to remove faulty brain circuitry that could allow doctors to treat debilitating neurological conditions without resorting to traditional brain surgery. The study was published in the ‘Journal of Neurosurgery’. The UVA team, working with colleagues atRead More →

Weight loss management According to the WHO, approximately 2.3 billion people will be overweight and approximately 700 million people will be obese by 2015 and approximately 70% of the American adult population will be overweight. Weight loss management market by services (weight loss centers, fitness centers, counseling services and weightRead More →

(Getty Images) SWANSEA, United Kingdom ( – A recent study reveals that disposable masks can spread harmful toxins into the environment. Researchers at Swansea University have discovered significant amounts of toxins (lead, copper and antimony) coming out of several masks after exposure to water. To make matters worse, a recentRead More →

job description We are seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral researcher to work on a 5-year Medical Research Council-funded research program studying the psychobiological mechanisms in Functional (Dissociative) Neurological Disorder (FND, formerly known as Conversion Disorder, including dissociative / psychogenic non-epileptic convulsions). This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to thisRead More →